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Name: Alexis Jade Emerson

Birthday: December 12th

Age: 18

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Voiced by: Girlsrule001


Alexis is the sort of person that if you spoke to her everyday for a week you would still have no idea who she is because you only see what she wants you to see. Her past is filled with secrets which she keeps well hidden, but as they say things done in the dark always come to the light. She goes from zero to angry in a moment's notice. The smallest things set off her wrath. Forgive and forget is a phrase that never crosses her mind. She has the tendency to blame all her problems and short comings on others never taking the blame of her own choices. Her relationship with her sisters is tainted by the fact that she feels like she is constantly in someone's shadown. Alexis doesn't get along with her mother because she hates the fact that she gets treated like a child when she feels like an adult.

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